Brickland Almond & Hazelnut Lighters

Brickland Lighters was a long awaited installment to our store. We wanted to give our supporters something they can use in home or if you're out and about. Our Brickland lighters come in two different colors, a light woodgrain (Almond) and a dark brown woodgrain (Hazelnut). Each lighter has their own unique finish. There's no one lighter alike. Brickland Almond and Hazelnut lighters are made up of mainly metal with a wood shell. They take your standard lighter fluid (Butane).
Photographer: Peter Bonilla
To fill your Brickland lighter unscrew the right locking mechanism under the letter D in Brickland as seen as in the picture below. Take your lighter fluid and squeeze a reasonable amount into the white felt. Screw the piece that was taken off back on. Open your base lid and place your thumb on the flint wheel and press down.